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10/26/08 01:49 pm


a) Tell you why I friended you.

b) Associate you with something -- a fandom, song, color, photo, etc.

c) Tell you something I like about you.

d) Tell you a memory I have of you.

e) Ask you something I've wanted to know about you

f) Tell you my favorite userpic from your list

g) In return, you need to post this on your own livejournal

( I am so sorry it took me this long to do Rob! I am greatful for you filling it out though :D )

6/9/08 12:39 am - A must for anyone who liked the very secret diaries...

I thought it was really good.

6/5/07 06:06 pm

Probably somewhat of a depressing read.

Life's a bitchCollapse )

5/30/07 06:35 pm

Everyone go to Fire on Monday June 18th!

I shall be celebrating my 21st. It's actually on the 13th but i figure i'll have a birthday week...

4/23/07 11:49 pm

Not the greatest day...Collapse )

4/18/07 04:17 pm - Rant about the uselessness of doctors

Am extremely frustrated and pissed off having just got off the phone to my doctors surgery.
This leads me to a conclusion that i already know, the NHS and doctors are rubbish/useless/totally incompetent.
After waiting 2 and a half months to have a scan I finally had it, this was on the 23rd of March. I was told the results would go to my GP in a week. So I figured I would give it a week and a half and go in. I was feeling quite crap that day anyway and actually had to cycle in the morning only to be told 'Theyre not here yet. Call back in a couple of weeks'. So i left about 3 seconds after sitting down.
I called up a week later. Still no results.

Called up today, still no results. Am really annoyed as ive been feeling really badly nauseous for months and its affecting my work. I was off ill thurs and fri because I kept gagging as I was trying to get ready. I asked if they had been lost and what was i supposed to do as they should have been there by now. The receptionist was totally useless. She asked what dept of the hospital I went to and I told her i didnt I went to the doctors on Woodbridge road. She said she didnt know why i would go there and i told her i was sent there by the doctor as he said the scan ppl would get in touch and tell me where to go and thats where they said. She just told me to ring the woodbridge road surgery as i went there. Asked if she had a number and she said no and i'd have to find it myself.
Called Woodbridge rd surgery and they said all results are sent to hospital and up to my GP to chase.
Called back to my surgery and spoke to same receptionist. Said she still hadnt come across this before and would put a request for my gp to chase but couldnt guarantee anything as up to my GP whether he actions it or not.
Asked for timescale but she couldnt give one.
If I wasn't feeling so crap all the time I really would give up.
Anyway I had to get the rant out. Sorry!

3/20/07 11:08 pm

Anyone in the Ipswich area going to fire and ice monday?

3/5/07 10:27 pm

Not feeling so great at the moment. My uncle Ron died this morning. He died in his sleep which I guess is best really. It's just a bit sad that we haven't been able to see him as much as we'd have liked over last couple of years. He wasn't really my uncle but my mums uncle, so my nans brother. Though I was actually closer to him than my real grandad. It kind of sucks really. I know I'm lucky but I haven't really had anyone close to me die before.

2/27/07 12:42 am - Rant to self. Head clearing in process...

Decisions, Decisions.

When will I be good at making decisions?

I need a crystal ball. I'm currently stuck between a joint degree of Business studies and environmental studies and just pure environmental studies for my degree. The first being easiest as I would only have to do 3 modules on evironmental studies more skimming the surface and 4 on business studies. Business studies I was good at but find ultimately a bit boring. A degree in environmental studies is heavily science based and although I was good at science back in GSCE,that was a long time ago and i havent done it since and I'm sure it'll be much more in depth. I would find it much more interesting challenging and therefore much more rewarding and tbh i'm much more interested in environmental studies than business studies. I just don't know whether business studies would be more beneficial in my career (again another thing i havent decided).

If I stay in insurance (big industry, lots of money) business studies would be useful and i have 2 years of experience esp if i want to go into underwriting, BUT I don't know if i want to jump off the insurance ship and find an environmental ship. Environmental issues are of course getting much more of an issue and becoming more important but I don't know what jobs i would get (so not into standing knee deep in rivers etc) ,what the money is, and I dont know that to get into the environmental field if i would benefit from a much more hardcore science degree. I'm way more passionate about geography and environmental stuff and business studies is a bit dull but business studies is an easier option.

On top of all that I'm then questionning my capabilities (confidence has never been my strong point) and wondering if i'm actually thicker than I think I am and wouldn't be able to handle the scientific aspects of the environmental studies degree.

Im due to start the first business studies course in may. I might then do the 1st science one which doesnt start until nov anyway and make my decision when I finish that.

So, if anyone has a crystal ball that works I would appreciate it if you let me borrow it so i can see which decision leads me where and therefore which is better.

And then of course I could die tomorrow and all this worry would have been completely pointless.

Opinions welcome...

2/14/07 10:00 pm

I have officially given up on Valentines day. It causes much more misery than it's worth all in all. I have also come to the conclusion that I'm not even going to attempt to celebrate it again. I shall just pretend it's another day. Ignore it all indeed. Gah why do we even celebrate valentines day.

2/8/07 09:18 pm

Whoooo First driving lesson booked.
I know I should have done this 3 years ago but better late than never!

2/6/07 11:25 pm

Watch this video.

Best thing ever.

2/5/07 10:08 pm

Well again long time not update.
This may turn into a bit of a rant.

On the up side I'm pleased and have been in a good mood all day because I've registered with the OU and will be doing a degree in business studies and environmental studies. I feel better as I think I've been stuck in a rut (aka early mid life crisis) and wondering what i'm doing with my life etc. The business studies I feel will help me with the business side of my career and I do find it relatively interesting. I mean I work in insurance and find that interesting. The environmental studies is to fuel the geek side and I'm excited with the topics and the fact that we are recommended to read New Scientist which I do anyway. Although my job in itself is not boring I really do not want to be there forever.

I've made one jump, the next are to book driving lessons and go to the dentist. I need a filling I fear.

On the downside I can feel the 'fat thing' lurking in the depths of my mind. I'm ignoring it and hopefully if I pretend it's not there it'll go away. Either that or I'll turn it into positive energy to eat healthily and exercise properly. But I feel that may be a little optimistic.

My faith in the NHS is forever diminishing. I was told to have a scan and await a letter from the scan people with an appointment. 4 weeks later I still have no letter. I mean what if it was something serious or appendicitus or something. But then I suppose if its been going on 6 months why not a bit longer. My diagnosis has been spanning over 2 months and I am not much the wiser. I might just give up and hope its not anything serious. Maybe thats what they were hoping. 'We don't know what it is so lets make her wait ages for everything and she might lose interest!'

Eh I am so tired. I have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off :) Not that I am lazy but I am looking forward to sleeping. I am still well into my Harry Potter binge/obsession. I have read 6,5,6,1,2,3,4,5 and am reading 6 again. This is over the last month or so. And even better, during my addiction it is revealed the 7th is coming out on the 21st of July and I'm not working. So yay! I don't care if anyone thinks Harry Potter is lame/sad/juvenile. This is great as it means I have 3 books to look forwards to this year. The next discworld novel that I have forgotten, Ian Irvine, Song of the tears 2 out Oct/Nov time and Harry Potter 7 due out in July.

There are other issues driving me insane but it's prob best if i dont go into too much detaild here. I'm just incredibly frustrated because I don't know how I'm supposed to help a friend who won't help themself and keeps putting themself back in the same position by choice. I feel like I'm running out of patience incredibly fast. It's been happening for so long now I just don't know why I bother. I've always tried so hard and it just gets shoved back in mine and everyone elses faces every single time.

1/24/07 11:14 pm

Your results:
You are Superman
Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
Iron Man
The Flash
You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.

Click here to take the "Which Superhero are you?" quiz...

I always suspected Superman wore thongs.

12/23/06 12:19 am

Okay, I haven't updated in ages. I don't know why but I just find it harder to write in here. Am very excited about Christmas as it is one of my favourite times of year. I feel somewhat of a minority in this but I guess i'm just lucky to have always had good christmasses. I hope I see everyone and get to catch up but I am incredibly rubbish at this due to general me-ness and unconfidence and with the closure of Zest and no Monday nights will make it even harder! So if anyone wants to do anything then let me know as i'm generally always willing.

Am currently off work sick, incredible run-downness has resulted in viral infections, lips splitting, ulcers, spots (!!!!! never had them in my life and found a break out of about 15 deeply distressing, shallow I know). Along with general unwellness, lack of sleep, fatigue and chronic nausea I haven't been feeling particularly joyous. So my doctor has signed me off work until the 30th and I went home sick on the 12th. Finally I'm beginning to feel a bit better after lots of rest and am hoping the run downness will leave me.

FINALLY (it's taken me nearly 5 months) I have officially lost a stone. I am particularly pleased as I haven't been very good at all dietwise and run down ness has prevented me exercising. This means I am halfway there and only have another stone to lose. Or 14 lbs.

I hope you all have a very merry christmas indeed. :D

P.S Go to the Farmhouse Christmas Eve

12/10/06 12:07 am - Well I'm glad I didn't go there last night...



11/18/06 10:59 pm - Short and sweet. Unlike normal

Sometimes I think ignorance is bliss.

11/9/06 11:30 pm - LOTR orgy anyone?


Okay. Maybe I'm weird. But this made me laugh. Make sure you have the sound reasonably loud. The noises are funniest.

11/2/06 01:40 pm

******Attention all peoples. Laura Bowyer is having a 21st party at Kesgrave Community Centre on Friday the 10th of November. 7:30pm-11:30pm. You are all welcome, providing you know Laura of course.**********

Laura asked me to ask a load of people as she doesn't have access to the internets anymore and I figured this was easiest. Leave a comment if you want to come. There will be food and a bar so you can buy your own drinks.

11/2/06 04:26 am

Well updated in ages I have not.

Not particularly had anything i have had to update with i feel.

There is barely anyone online. I do not find this particularly suprising at 4:21am. As most people are sleeping. Instead I sit here wearing fishnet tights, sipping ribena and wearing a cape. I am beginning to suspect that my cape is one of my beloved possessions. Along with my new found axe. It's amazing. I got it for £2 and it has a skull in the middle whose eyes fash and it makes the most annoying shrill noise. It is perfect indeed. I have broken my tights already. When I find the day that fishnet tights last more than one wearing I will be most shocked indeed.

9/20/06 09:54 pm

Pure boredom is pushing me to update. Msn for some reason is refusing to log me on and keeps telling me to try again in a few minutes...this has been happening since earlier this afternoon.
I don't think i've updated in here recently, am feeling a bit rubbish as work has been a bit stressful and crap and the departure for uni means I no longer have my boything to spend time with. SO if anyone wants to do anything then i'm up for it.
On an upnote I bought a lovely little blue ipod nano which I am rather fond of. It is currently my baby. Who doesn't love a bit of retail therapy? I did try on a nice pair of Miss Sixty jeans but it appears my legs are around 4-6inches too short. I never realised I had such stubby legs. Been trying to find a nice pair of black knee high boots but all the nice ones appear to be evading me. Anyhoo, hope you're all well.

9/3/06 11:15 pm

QUIZ TIME....Collapse )

9/1/06 11:03 pm

September is here already. Bye bye Summer. Hello winter. LAME.
Sadly I'm not enjoying the days getting shorter. The only benefits of winter are: snow, getting to buy hats, gloves and scarves and possibly tights. Maybe.
I've been somewhat dying of a cold lately. Since I came back from Reading I've had the worst cold I think I've had in about 3 years. Mix this in with work 8am-7pm and no slaves to do everything for me it has truly sucked. But YAY! because I am getting better. Slowly. I must have produced around half a gallon of snot so surely I can't have much left.

Reading was awesome. Muse were fantabulous. Best band of the weekend. Placebo I liked but they had technical difficulties. I felt like a faker for Pearl Jam as I was in the second row in the middle and I didn't know any of their stuff so felt guilty that i was taking a true fans place. Everyone else was good but not good enough for me to waffle about.

I've been feeling a bit of a man lately. I think i'm turning into one to the point were I actually wondered if i was born as a hermaphrodite and my parents chose female when really they should have chosen male. Or maybe I'm turning into one of those manish women. I haven't got a beard or anything. Yet. I think my cold has been making me feel/look worse triggering this more. I'm trying not to dwell on this subject as I find the possiblity of turning into a man beast distressing so I shall move on to the highlight of my tomorrow:

SLEEPING. I'm completely insanely knackered. I still haven't recovered sleepwise from Reading as Tuesday was spent sitting in my duvet in the lounge watching TV (I was feeling sorry for myself). I did have 5 episodes of LOST to catch up on as I'm a bit rubbish. Yay for Sky +.
When you're ill you need about 5 times more sleep so all of tomorrow morning and part of tomorrow afternoon will involve me curled up in my wonderful bed. I think sleeping has to be one of my top activities. Lazy I know.

Right I'm tired. I'm going to go listen to MUSE and play on Animal Crossing. Because I'm cool.

I have one final question which I would greatly appreciate an answer to:

Am I manly? Do I look a bit manly/remind you of a she-beast??

It really has been plaguing me. I know I don't write in here to receive comments (which is a good thing as I don't get any) but I would appreciate it. (I know I am sometimes a bit silly and over dramatic (and I do mock myself) but I can't help it). Honesty welcome.

8/24/06 12:09 am

I am updating for 2 reasons:
1) I am procrastinating and trying to avoid packing for Reading as it involves effort I don't have
2) Incase i die by tuesday I want you all to know I love you all. Honest.

Just a run down of my week so far:
Monday: Start work at 8am. Leave around 2pm to go to station, train to london, out to stansted, flight to Glasgow.....arrive in hotel at 10:10pm.
Tueday: Work 9-5. Pubbage/clubbage. Much alcohol. Go to bed around 2:30am-3:00am ish.
Wednesday: Slightly hungover. Working 9-2. Leave at 2pm to go home. Fly Glasgow to Stansted, train out to London. Both flights were delayed and the fuckers cancelled my train home resulting in waitage. Very boring on ones own. Got home 10pm.
It is now 20 past midnight. I still have to unpack from Glasgow and re pack for Reading as I am leaving tomorrow morning. Not stupid o clock but 7:30am wakeup.

Then there is Reading itself. A rather exhausting event. A weekend of continous drinking/crap food/ loud people up all night. I do realise a portion of this is self inflicted. (alcohol and hangovers) but it wouldnt be as much fun without them. But i can't help the feeling that I am going to die. I'm not planning on drinking as much as I did last yr. Currently wondering if I can handle Zest monday. Might be a bit zombified.
I know loads of people have more exhausting weeks than this, but for my life it's a pretty physically exhausting one. There is one benefit. I'll sleep well at night.

8/15/06 07:54 pm

Well my computer has been broken. Instead of fixing it by finding the windows disc my dad just wiped everything....so i have NOTHING. No photos, no music, nothing.

So if anyone feels like sending me any photos via msn it would be much appreciated!

Been up to a lot lately and have an insanely busy fortnight ahead. I got stuck in all the airport business last thursday as I was due to be flying back from Glasgow on Thursday morning. The cancelled our flight so we had to get the train back. From Scotland to London to Ipswich. On a hangover and 2 hours sleep and being surrounded by screaming children it felt like forever. And hell.
Anywhoo it was fun. I quite liked Glasgow, or what I saw of it. Went for a business trip so unfortunately didn't get to see the wonders of Scotland or do any sightseeing. Going again next Monday, was supposed to come back on the Thurs but thats when I'm going to Reading so am coming back wednesday eve and leaving for Reading at some ungodly hour Thursday morning. I forsee lots of alcohol next week as the people who I will be meeting up with in Glasgow are much fonder of alcohol than I am...
The main benefit of this is that I still get to go to the airport and get lots of duty free products. MAC makeup is the best ever. Their eyeliner is practically bulletproof I kid you not! Stayed on all night without budging. I didn't think I was supposed to get duty free items as I was going within the UK and all but maybe they just didn't check my ticket properly.
I'm excited about Reading. I wasn't but now I have reviewed the lineup I am. Don't know how I'll manage the toilets without a gasmask. Probably pass out from the smell, fall in and die. I'm quite sure I do not know any places where I can buy a gasmask. It's too late for ebay so i'll just have to brave it. Any gasmask donations or voluntary lendings would be much appreciated.
Hope all is well peoples.

8/2/06 11:46 pm

I know talking about dieting and my weight isn't exactly unknown for me. But I'm currently happy as I've lost 10 and a half pounds so far. Visualise 84 sausages. They were on my body and now they are gone. Wahoo :D
Other than that life is much as it was. Still obsessed with the discworld. Still salsa dancing. Still working. Salsa dancing is a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Even though I feel like the worlds biggest tard when we warm up/down with the much more experienced people. ANYWHO I am now most tired. I got up at the ghastly hour (I repeat GHASTLY hour)of 6am this morning, left my house at 7am, worked 8am-7pm hung around in the pub for a couple of hours, went salsa dancing at 9, got home at 11. Ate a babybel. Mmmm babybels. So yes. That was my insanely exciting day. I don't care how fed up people are with 'my day' entries. Its my journal. I've been writing 'my day' entries since it was born back in possibly 2000-2001 and I can't be bothered to change. I tangented. After the ANYWHO i meant to say- i'm tired I'm going to bed.

7/5/06 11:35 pm

Gah I am so tired!
The time is 23:36 and I have only just got back from salsa dancing lessons. I really could not be bothered to go but I did enjoy it even despite the fact it was bloody hot. I will actually practice my moves this week as I had completely forgotten all of them and felt a bit silly when they made us warm up with the experts.
Enjoyed 19s flat warming partay. I'm tired so if this is reading a bit bitty then i apologise. I slept reasonably well (better than most there I think) but i am still rather knackered. It was nice to catch up with people again.
Back to work tomorrow :(
I'm quickly running out of money and its another fortnight until i get paid :(
I'm back on my diet today. Yesterday was a bit of a blip and I imagine i consumed triple of what i was supposed to. I was really proud on monday as I had lost 5lbs since i was weighed the previous monday. Yay for weighwatchers. I know I won't have lost as much next monday but I would not complain if i lost another 5.
Damn it. I need a day to relax and do nothing.
I hope you've all being enjoying yourselves in this summer weather!

6/27/06 11:57 pm

Well things have been trundling along much as normal. I'm being trained as a home claims advisor at work but if I go into details I know you'll all be bored to death. The only person vaguely interested seems to be my nan.

I now have a diet I can stick to! I joined fat club aka Weightwatchers. I am indeed the youngest person in my group but my mum had a free entry thing. I am doing very well so far. I've been on it a whole 17 hours. I think the pressure of being publicly weighed will make me stick to it. I am also going Salsa dancing tomorrow. This will either be fun or a complete disaster. You're supposed to wear mid height heels. All my heels are either high or....high. Or completely flat eg trainers which they prefer you not to wear. I might buy some tomorrow. I'm not sure how good I'll be at it. I'm quite sure i have to dance with a male partner and there is lots of hip wiggling. I am concerned about the male/female ratio as i personally can't think of many guys I know who would be seen dead at salsa lessons.
So yes. I am feeling motivated, enthusiastic and confident that I will hopefully lose weight.

The only slight downer at the mo is that my cat isn't very well. He either has a liver infection or a tumour. I'm hoping for the liver infection. As he is old (15) they don't want to do any investigatory surgery. Which is good as he hates going to the vets enough as it is. They've given us a long course of antibiotics for him so hopefully they'll work.

I can't believe the days are getting shorter already :( this makes me sad. (Die England).

Right. I had better go to bed. I actually have to work 5 days this week. Thankfully training is a doss.

Ah yes. I forgot to mention how wonderful Lush is and i got a lovely wonderful pair of shoes from Office on sunday. Unfortunately I don't really have anything to go with them. And because I know you're all deeply enthralled by my shoe buying habits here is a picture of one:

Anywhoo. Greetings and Goodnight.

5/29/06 11:30 pm


It's my birthday on the 13th so I will officially be turning 20 at midnight and hope everyone will be there to help celebrate. Plus I don't want to be the least sober.

Anyone interested in some zestification?

5/29/06 12:39 am

Guess the nationality!Collapse )

5/27/06 11:40 pm

Well I have been back from Fuerteventura since last Tuesday. I enjoyed it muchly. I'm kind of building up to a mammoth update about everything but I don't know if I can be bothered to spill it all now so this may just be about the holiday as it was awesome.

Some photo's....(Don't click if you have a 56k...)Collapse )

5/15/06 06:06 pm

Yesterday I:
- Rode a camel
- Had a camel rest its head on my shoulder repeatedly
- Was kissed by a sea lion. Twice.
- Had a snake round my neck
- Held a parrot
- Stroked a baby crocodile.

Yesterday was different.

Today i went down to a depth of 30 metres in submarine-catermaran. also different

5/11/06 11:13 am

Well I am updating from lovely Fuerteventura. It´s much better than i expected. I mean even as i´m sitting here on the internet I have a panoramic view of the sea and mountains and I´m 3 large floors up. I´m burnt already. I´m not suprised. This will only be a short update as the computer is eating my euros rather too quickly.
Excited about the trips we´re going on. Have a VIP trip tomorrow on a luxury 20 seater coach with leather seats in which we will tour the island and have a 4 course meal somewhere where all the political people eat.

TBH it´s a bit on the posh side and takes some getting used to. The food is uber nice though. I can have about 4 bitd of different dessert a night.

Anyway I hope you are all well and for those at uni I hope it´s not too stressful at the moment!

5/7/06 08:50 pm

Well I am departing England at 7am Tuesday morning. I imagine this means we shall have to leave home around 2am on what will feel like Monday night. Am incredibly knackered as I did a lot of shopping today. Went to Bluewater. I got 1 dress, 2 skirts, 6 tops, a pair of shoes, a handbag and a rather large amount of products from Lush.
Lush was my saviour today as I was feeling rather crap and miserable about myself (Changing room mirrors....need I say more?) and somehow I had totally forgotten there was a Lush at Bluewater until I saw it and it really cheered me up as i was wandering blissfully around all their products. So yes. Yay for Lush.

I have a lot of planning and insane amount of stuff to do. But I am so tired. I think I will go relax in the bath for a bit. Then i'll plan all the stuff i need to take and do. I haven't had a proper nights sleep since Tuesday night and tomorrow is just going to be hectic as i try to remember and obtain all i have forgotten i need. I'm a bit paranoid that I haven't got enough clothes and also worried that I will exceed the baggage allowance.

On a brighter note, I had a most lovely honey duck noodle meal in Amoy today.

Right....which bath bomb/ bubble bar/ bath melt to use?

P.S if anyone wants a postcard let me know!

4/29/06 11:25 pm

I think, that if I was 6 foot 5, male, uber muscly and super scary looking it would suit me.

As it is I am female, 5'6 and feeble. It does not help my uber scaryness rating.

4/22/06 09:53 pm - And when the sky is falling don't look outside the window

Long time no update. (I think).

I am currently sandwiched between two soul destroying 8am-8pm shifts(If i could produce drama inducing thunder and screaming when you read this I would). Monday is normal and 9am-8pm and I shall be out zesting this monday for the first time in a while. I'll either find magic energy from nowhere or i'll be uber tired and uber lame and go home. Depends on how excited i get methinks.
17 days til I go on holiday......squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Much ubair Squeeness.

Still feeling lots of love for the All American Rejects.

Today a few things have been getting on my nerves. Perhaps I am more sensitive due to the horribleness of looking at the clock at work and realising you can't go home for 12 and a half hours...

+ WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY do those STUPID ANNOYING RETARDS (mainly chavs) think that just because they can play their music on their mobile phones now that EVERYONE ON THE ENTIRE BUS/ public space wants to listen to their SHIT music. This has been a point of great frustration for me of late as I have to use the bus a lot. Today was particularly screamworthy. Listening to James Blunt- You're Beautiful for a good 25 minutes( on repeat) is annoying. And not even the proper song but a ring tone which is the chorus/half the song.

+Personally with buses I am very much in favour of 'the first person who arrives at the bus stop gets on the bus first' kind of routine which makes me want to hit all the people who arrive not long before the bus is due and stand right at the front of the bus stop and get on the bus first. I would be so much happier if people were just taught manners. Thank God for my imaginary shotgun...

Anywhooo. Mini anger rant over.

Currently all things yay:
+The butter fudge box I am working my way through
+ My holiday (again more squeeeee)
+Duck pancakes with lots of plum sauce
+ Terry Pratchett
+ Summer ish.
+ All American Rejects

Well I think all the sugar from the fudge has perked me up a bit...

4/17/06 11:41 pm - R.I.P GHDs

Today tragedy struck.
There I was flipping my matress (you're supposed to do it every six months), said matress knocked over a bunch of flowers in a vase spilling water all over my duvet and matress protector, in my efforts to prevent widespread spillage i trod on my GHDs and they broke. :(
Clean in half. Now this is quite devastating. I know you are probably all thinking 'who cares? they're only 95 quid straighteners that you can't live without because your parents genes gave you curly/frizzy/wavy hair' but I am actually dependant on them.
Paul is going to see if his dad can fix them for me, if not I shall have to buy a new pair. Thankfully I got paid on Friday so I can afford them, but as I go on holiday in 21 days it really is not convenient. Oh well. Not something I can really do without as I use them daily and do not want to resemble a birds nest.

So yes. This is an entry devoted to my wonderful GHDs who helped me achieve nicely straight hair for 2/3 years and they will be sorely missed as they were perfect straighteners.

4/8/06 01:48 am

Okay, I'm bored, not tired and don't really have anything to do as I should probably be going to bed.
I had my hair done today and i'm pleased with it. Much better than last time. Though she put a serum on it and it has made it go insanely static.

I have found a new love of the all american rejects. I did actually discover I liked them at reading last year but subsequently forgot about them. So I have rediscovered them. Also renewed my love for evanescence who i haven't listened to for getting on a year and a half methinks.

It's only a month til my holiday but it really doesn't feel like it and i have loads to do. I have yet to feel excited. I think i'm going to have to eat nothing but salad for the next month. I still haven't lost any weight. I think I look slimmer but I think it might actually be wishful thinking making me delude myself. Kind of ironic.

I love my new phone muchly. It is orange and nice. Probably clashes with my purple glasses but I didn't really think that far ahead.

Bored...should go to bed......

3/29/06 09:31 pm

Okay, So Reading tickets go on sale Monday....

Anyone planning to go this year?

3/25/06 11:09 pm

Gah I've lost my phone. I'm sure it fell out of my pocket when i was on the bus last night. Unfortunately the people that deal with the lost property do not work weekends. I've barred it. However one good thing, if i can't find it then i can upgrade it for free.
Insanely tired. Must sleep. One should not go out and get the 1am bus home when one knows she is already tired and will not have a proper chance to sleep for another 6 days. I'm doing far too much work at the moment.
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